I was asked why I wrote an online dating guide, especially at my age! First of all, age has nothing at all to do with your spirit. I have always been full of life and passionate about everything I do. I believe in loving your life and making time for the things that nourish your spirit.

I have always believed that humans are all spirits in search of other spirits. We are not meant to be alone. We always seek out social…and physical connections, so when my husband died, I decided I did not want to be alone. At first, I told myself I would devote one night a week making a beautiful dinner and inviting someone to enjoy it with me. Gradually, after I started to embrace having an identity that embodied who I am as an individual rather than who I was as part of a couple, I started to get excited about the freedom to create the life I wanted.

Although the transformation was a gradual metamorphosis as I spread my wings and began to fly, I realized that I loved my new life, but there was something missing. I decided that I wanted to become part of a couple again, but how was I going to find a new partner at my age?

I was petrified to think about dating sites, so my writer-self kicked in and I decided to use my fear of this unknown process to create a journal of my experiences. I thought it would do two things: make me brave and help other women who were as reticent as I to jump into this new world.

As the project began to unfold, I delved into sharing lessons I had learned. I am very anecdotal by nature. I teach by telling stories. As a result, the book is filled with stories and the lessons I learned. Finally, since I wanted this book to also serve as a guide for others, I researched the hotlines that are the resources to avert any serious problems.

I love helping others, and I have loved all of the experiences I had as I wrote this book. I have met some amazing men, worthy of being a fabulous partner for you…or me! I hope you will have fun, both reading this book and finding true love…you deserve it.